About Company

Full Spectrum Systems, an IT-company that provides full range of services on software development, customization and support. Our goal is to offer you cost-effective, holistic and lean solutions that make sense and that work perfectly yet inconspicuously.

The company was founded in 2007 as a Belarusian subsidiary of The Full Speed Systems Group, headquartered in Switzerland. As a group of companies we have over 70 employees at three European business locations:

  • Sursee (Switzerland)
  • Böblingen (Germany)
  • Minsk (Belarus)

Why FSS?

  • A spirit of partnership. We strive to cultivate long-term relations with customers, partners and employees. We want to succeed together.
  • Benefit-oriented. Our top priority is to create benefits for our customers. Our products and services are intended to generate sustainable value for our customers and us. We are always state of the art.
  • Well-aligned with the market. Our services are measurable, tailor-made and well-aligned with market needs. Our prices are fair.
  • Pragmatic. Our solutions are simple and pragmatic, reliable and innovative.
  • Excellent at implementation. We deliver more than mere concepts. We consider successful realization and implementation to be part of the solution.
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