Industry Expertizing

FSS has dozens of years of total experience and deep understanding of food & beverages industry. We are authors of a few technology process implementations in JD Edwards for the industry leader in Milk products manufacturing: solid cheese, fondue, milk drinks, ice-cream and yoghurts. Also we implemented several projects for food manufacturing: consumer packaged food and ultra-fresh products, frozen products as well as industry-specific distribution processes and procing.

We have experience not only in business process automation for this industry but also the knowledge of acquiring GMT standard requirements for pharmaceuticals together with our Customer.

Everybody knows Sennheiser, a company from Hannover for its best in class consumer products like microphones, headphones, hands-free sets and professional equipment. But not so many people now that success history of this company is more than 10 years of execution of JD Edwards implemented by FSS in 2003 and has been strengthen and updated several times since then.

The main challenges of Chemical industry lay in the field of really specific operation management of process manufacturing and very strict production and ecological standards requirements that are obligatory to meet. It’s also very important to be a part of the world-wide supply chains and organize highly effective distribution processes of your main customers to meet the market demand.

Budget with Revisions, Work Break Down Structure, project changes, job and materials from subcontractors and suppliers. How to stay alive in the very difficult conditions of “making projects” business? – common IT tools and business solutions from FSS to bring all that stuff together and accompany in-time and in-budget project completion with high accuracy.

Machinery and manufacturing – the main FSS specialization. Form the almost 20 years of experience we gain the knowledge in: production tools and equipment, precise and watches machinery, hydraulic components and systems and high-voltage equipment, manufacturing of products having mixed machinery and electronic components, etc. All known manufacturing models: engineering-to-order, assemble-to-order, stock-to-order as well as they combinations.

The success Cornerstone in distribution & logistics – just-in-time delivery and high operation performance on a big volume of products processed as well as planning and control of every stage of Supply Chain across the globe: from the manufacturer to the end-customer. We experienced the greatest ever success of our client during the 11 years of going hand-to-hand with JD Edwards and FSS – 10 times growth of business, getting the European biggest IT Distributor.

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