Electronic & High-Tech

Within Accelerate, Oracle offers an all-encompassing Enterprise Software solution for businesses in the electronics and high tech industry. This segment is characterized by one of the longest and geographically most complex supply chains, which can involve products crossing national borders several times before delivery to the customer.

The industry-specific electronics & high tech solution, as implemented by us, contains all the necessary components, including Enterprise Software, CRM, SCM, accounting and costing. Product information provided by manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers of components, and internal sources are fully integrated. These way fluctuations in purchasing prices can be optimally leveraged.

FSS solution for electronics and high-tech firms comes with the complete spectrum of functionalities and preconfigured processes, so it is quickly implemented and easy to use.

  • TCO optimization thanks to cost cutting
  • Low risk, since the whole setup, including testing and optimization, is already complete
  • Increased productivity thanks to short implementation

This trade solution contains 67 predefined processes and 17 modules. All data sets can be flexibly adjusted to best meet changing requirements.

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