Fixed-Price Contract

Due to their complexity, ERP projects have the reputation to be slow and costly. FS​​S guarantees an incomparably fast implementation. To ensure that our customers are exposed to the least possible cost and project risk, we generally offer to a work contract. This means that we implement the solution at a fixed price. The only requirement: First, we need to perform a pre-project to capture the actual and the target state precisely.

Elements of the work contract:

  • Milestones
  • Go-live date
  • Fixed price
  • Financing Options

Both for the license and for implementation of the solution we offer flexible financing models. To acquire a permanent right to use, you can buy the license and write off the purchase price as an investment. Through a bank, FSS or contact of the manufacturer, you can also lease a license permanently. Or you can purchase the license by the manufacturer for a limited period.

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